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Dear sir and brother,

My name is John Monteith (Monty) and I am Past Master of Lodge Toryglen (Glasgow) No.1561.

It is with the permission of our R.W.P.G.Master Brother James C. Peddie that I am making this appeal to your Lodge.

In 2010 I contracted a virus known as Guilliane Barre Syndrome which left me paralysed from the neck down, I spent 11

months in the Southern General Hospital, one month in the Neurology Unit in ward 67 and the rest of the time in the

PDRU (physically disabled rehabilitation unit). Whilst in this unit I spent Monday to Friday doing my physio rehab, I

cannot begin to tell you just how painful was but with the encouragement of the magnificent staff (nursing and physio) I

began the very long journey back to the condition I am now in. I will never make a full recovery but I am able to function

pretty well on my own with the help of my family and friends and I try to lead as normal life as I can. I would also like to

take this opportunity to express my gratitude to the brethren of the P.G.L. as well as the brethren of our sister lodges for

the encouragement and the many visits that I received over that period.

I have been invited to be part of a patient support group within the PDRU and am delighted to do so, to this end we are

trying to raise funds for equipment for use within the Unit as well as being able to provide equipment for patients when

they leave the Unit and return home, as there is no provision for this when they return to their own communities.

On Saturday 2nd of September we are holding a Gala Day between 13.00 -17.00 and everyone is welcome, we will have

plenty of stalls selling a variety of goodies and there will of course be a raffle (any donations for this will be most

welcome). For my sins I have decided to do a Bungee Jump form the Titan Crane in Clydebank on Saturday 16th of

September 16.00 and this is where I am appealing to your Brethren, I am looking for as many sponsors for this as

possible. Brethren I would appeal to your Lodge, if you only give to only one Non-Masonic Charity, please consider this

one. They receive very little funding from the NHS and their budget is used up very quickly due to the cost of replacing

broken and damaged equipment. The overall target is £20,000 but that is in the long term and anything we receive will

be gratefully received and of course faithfully applied.

Their are a few ways of donating, there is a Just Giving page for the PDRU under the name of Karen Scott (head Physio),

You can also donate through Lodge Toryglen No.1561, 5 Melrose Avenue, Rutherglen, G73 3BU. You can also give

personal donations to myself when you see me on the circuit (pushing my pram).

Thank you for taking the time to read out this letter of appeal.


Yours Faithfully and Fraternally

John Monteith PM




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