Lodge Athole No 413

               On Friday 21st July, Lodge Athole No413 hosted a RWM’s degree. The Master Bro Jim Edgar welcomed 22 reigning masters into the temple. The deputation was led by the Master of The Lodge of Glasgow St Mungo No27, Bro John McDowall.
               A deputation from the Provincial Grand Lodge of Glasgow attended, led by DPGM Bro Andrew Mushet. He was supported by SPGM Jim McMillan, SPGM William Newlands, PSPGW Cameron Gibson, PGL Jeweller David Plunkett, PGL Bible Bearer Robert Robertson and PGL Director of Music Robert Kennedy.
               The evening was further enhanced by the 157 brethren who attended and to say it was a tight squeeze would be an understatement. This may be a record attendance for the Smithycroft Lodge room, but it was a also a heartening sight.
               The candidate, Paul Ward, an operative stone mason , had his entered apprentice degree conferred upon him by the reigning masters. DPGM Andrew Mushet later commented that it had been an excellent ceremony. Thereafter, a very enjoyable harmony was extended by the Master and brethren of Lodge Athole.




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